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Life isn’t always fair in spring!

When the dust finally settles on sprint training there’s going to be a fair amount of injustice in Met land

Players who should make the lineup but probably won’t

Ben Johnson and David Newhan – both seemingly competing for one or zero roster spots. Both have shown in my opinion this spring they’re ready for a shot at it but unlikely to get it

Mike Carp – lack of versatility will probably stop him claiming a spot but has shown he could help someone (although worrying little errors creeping in now)

Players who will make the lineup but probably shouldn’t

Moises Alou – the mere fact of being a veteran leftie will win him a spot but brings nothing else

Shawn Green – rumors that he has sorted out his swing and is not likely to maintain his 0-15 pace might well prove true after his first homer of the spring but I rather see Milledge or one of the Newhan/Johnson conundrum be given his spot. Green’s ability to play first will probably seal his spot.

Julio Franco – Your senior travel pass beckons, take the 7 train to retirement. His spot needs to go to one of young guns who have shown they’re ready. A wise sage, a good club man and steadying influence management will say, if that’s what they want – make him a coach and let him guide the new young buck in his spot.

The fifth spot?

Glavine, Hernandez and Maine seemed to have locked up three spots, Perez looks to have sneaked into the fourth bed while the fifth sport?

Pelfrey’s performance last night, giving up one run in four innings work should have convinced Willie to give him his head but my sneaking suspicion is that Chan Ho just has to post an equal performance to lock up job 5.

Life just isn’t fair