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Lazy Sunday

Spent a wonderful Sunday morning lazing on the sofa listening to last night’s Mets spring training matchup on Gameday Audio. Oliver Perez pitched well enough over four innings, giving up just one run but once more the bullpen stuttered. David Newhan and Ben Johnson impressed me again, Newhan leads the Mets in spring training RBI’s and second only in total bases to …. Ben Johnson. It’s a shame it seems that they’re probably competing for one roster spot. It was Alay Soler’s turn to blow up on Saturday, giving up four runs in an innings and three batters work. Soler, Burgos, Heilman and Sele have all been reasonable during ST but have all suffered a one innings blowout which has generally cost the Mets a game.

The good thing is that the Nationals are looking as bad as every says they’re going to be and so hopefully I can look forward to watching three Mets wins during my live MLB debut