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Fantasy Baseball is here again!

A few days ago I took part in my first 2007 live fantasy draft, a Fox Sports standard 12 team mixed H2H league. Buoyed by the success of winning Yahoo public 178601 H2H league last year I was full of confidence and I was trialing some custom made cheat sheets made using software available to subscribers of Rotorank.com. Drafting 7th I  came away with the following squad:

  1. Jose Reyes
  2. Mark Teixeira
  3. Matt Holliday
  4. Billy Wagner
  5. Roy Halliday
  6. JJ Putz
  7. Adam Dunn
  8. Alex Rios
  9. Curt Schilling
  10. Joe Crede
  11. Ian Kinsler
  12. Javy Lopez
  13. David Bush
  14. Brad Lidge
  15. Howie Kendrick
  16. Chris B Young
  17. Kevin Kouzmanoff
  18. Khalli Greene
  19. Brad Hawpe
  20. Mike Napoli
  21. Tom Glavine

I quite like the results except the minor aberration suffered when picking Lopez, I think I must have blinded by flashes of his glory (?) days in Alanta! I was particularly happy that Reyes fell as far as 7th and at getting both Dunn and Rios, two players I have high hopes for.

I’ve never really got on with the rottisserie format, I much prefer the feeling of individual contests that H2H gives, watch this space for further drafts