About mavericktango

As I head rapidly for the 50 mark this is my
take on Baseball as seen from the United Kingdom. I first got
into baseball in the ’90s when Channel 5 in England first
started showing it live in the middle of the night. That was
a once and later twice a week fix before I subscribed to a
Swiss company Pontel who could send me a video a week as
well. As the internet grew and better and better computers
came my way I expanded by knowledge through mlb.com and a
subscription to gameday audio became the norm. This season I
have taken the plunge and have my first MLB TV subscription.
Now the owner of an IPod I love Cory and Mike on the Fantasy
411 podcast, their advice helped me to improve my fantasy
baseball skills and win my Yahoo league in 2006.


Drinking Real Ale, Queens Park Rangers,
Baseball, Ice Hockey