Cricket World Cup

The 2007 Cricket World Cup started today in the West Indies and Yorkshire’s new star signing, Pakistani Younis Khan made a right hash of his first innings, scoring just nine runs. I’m not as bothered now though because as I watched the Mets take on the Tribe on MLB TV while the cricket continue on my muted television I spotted Yorkshire’s next bowler. Lino Urdaneta decided to take up cricket in the bottom of the ninth, firstly bowling a short pitched bouncer past poor Castro who was suddenly playing wicketkeeper. Then the next ball was well bowled up in the blockhole but unfortunately Castro was still expecting a baseball toss and let that past him as well! Luckily when a caught and bowled chance then fell to Urdaneta he remembered enough to throw the ball to the right end. Howzat! The fielders appealed and thankfully the umpire raised his finger and the Mets had a one run win.

All this and a fourth innings press box scare as a black snake ran wild – I really must watch what I’m putting in the tea. Kids! Say no to Drugs!



  1. Philip

    Hello to another expat baseball fan! I spent a few years as a student in Yorkshire myself; but I’m a Windies fan, so I didn’t mind Khan’s debacle.

    A Yankee fan in the City of Light


    If you ever get back to this blog, as another cricket lover who likes to follow this game too, I am interested in you thoughts on the fact that most Americans don’t even know or care that they won the Baseball World Cup the other week. Compare with cricket!!!

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